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PEMF Solutions for Healing and Health

Treat ailments at the cellular level for lasting health improvements and pain relief.

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Welcome to the PEMF World of Swiss Bionic Solutions

Are you struggling with recurring pain, sleep disorders, stress, or compromised mental focus?  These indicate that you must maintain health at a cellular level! 

At PEMF Source, we offer different types of PEMF mats that help release bursts of electromagnetic radiation to stimulate cell functions.

We provide PEMF, iMRS Prime, and Omnium1 2.0 mat therapy, depending on each customer's needs.


A full-body mat is used to envelop the entire body into a magnetic Field as current passes through the copper coils. 

Since PEMF therapy is safe, non-invasive, and drug-free, PEMF works great in combination with other therapeutic interventions such as meditation and yoga to accelerate the healing process. 


Whether you are a patient or a therapist looking for an effective pain relief therapy for your clients, our PEMF experts are here for your assistance and are available for free consultations, Zoom calls, FaceTime, and more - give us a call.

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About PEMF Source

Are you researching PEMF?

Curious about the growing buzz around this amazing home device for cellular health?

You've found a home at PEMF Source, serving British Columbia and all of Canada!


We are thrilled to be the ambassadors of PEMF after reaping the benefits of this science for over a decade.


Our adventure began in 2011 with Swiss Bionic Solutions and has been a fun-filled, joyful ride ever since!


Pain relieved, sleep restored, bones mended - these are some of the benefits of PEMF!


SBS is a European company that has specialized in developing a personal PEMF system for over 2 decades - maintaining a world presence in this science for daily use at home.

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What Can I Expect?

An 8-minute session of PEMF energy stimulation gives each cell in your body an influx of energy.

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Blood circulation

An SBS PEMF device directs a low, pulsating magnetic field to jump-start cell metabolism. That’s why Health Canada certified the SBS iMRS PEMF mat in 2014 for improving blood circulation.

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Muscle and tissue regeneration

PEMF is FDA-recognized for promoting accelerated healing of bone fractures. A Texas A&M showed that PEMF treatment encourages substantial bone, ligament, and tendon regrowth!

Our Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS) has released the iMRS Prime Hybrid that includes Far Infrared (FIR) to greatly improve your PEMF experience and its outcomes.

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Athletic performance

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is the process behind cells’ ability to create and store energy for muscle contraction. PEMF keeps blood pressure and viscosity in check, improves blood flow, and encourages capillary dilation for maximum oxygen uptake.

Well-oxygenated cells increase ATP production by 19 times, enabling you to get extended and enduring bursts of energy during workouts.

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Pain relief

PEMF energy makes your cell walls more permeable. So as these cells achieve a strong, balanced charge, the cells start repelling each other. As a result, the cells get an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients and release toxins, relieving inflammation. These pulsating frequencies also stimulate the brain to relieve a natural pain relief hormone.

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Better sleep

PEMF also influences the brain to release human growth hormone (HGH) and melatonin. These hormones help deeply rejuvenate sleep, relaxation, and lasting healing.

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Stress and anxiety

Over-stimulated Beta brainwaves continuing for extended periods result in chronic stress. Beta brainwave is activated during your excessive engagement with the world around you.

The built-in biorhythm clock in the PEMF system aligns your brain and body cycles to their natural movement, giving you a more balanced life. Also, the light and sound system leveraged through goggles provide hemispheric brain entrainment, adding to the balanced experience of life.

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Omnium1 2.0 Control Panel

Reasons to Use PEMF Daily

SBS PEMF energy mats can be thought of as a device that makes your consciousness come to life. As every cell gets an ample supply of oxygen and nutrients through improved blood circulation, you feel declining chronic pain and improved overall health. You are more yourself when you are fully enlivened with natural energy and aren’t engulfed by the sensations of aches and struggles of a worn-out body.

Daily use of PEMF has a stronger and deeper effect on our health. Every 8-minute session addresses even the unidentifiable issues of the tissues and organs that your body has adapted to. Each session stimulates your natural healing machine to relieve even the forgotten pains.

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Who Can Use This PEMF Energy Mat?

Anyone from beginners to therapists can use the PEMF energy mat. The mat, along with its accessories, is easy to set up and use in your day-to-day life or in a clinical setting. Since PEMF mat is designed on the science of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, it delivers upon its promises, whether or not you put your faith in its working.

The health and therapeutic benefits of this real healing machine are capable of revitalizing your trillions of cells and encouraging healing in injured parts of your body to help you live your best life ever.

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The Preferred PEMF Device

Buy certified medical PEMF devices for your clinic and give a therapeutic experience to your patients.

PEMF Therapy System
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iMRS Prime

Experience the world’s only PEMF therapy system that addresses cellular dysfunction on 6-dimensional levels!

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Portable Omnium1 2.0

Omnium1 2.0 is a perfect therapeutic device to delay the onset of aging and receive therapy on the go.

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Reviews from Our Customers

More and more customers are making PEMF an integral part of their health and wellness.

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PEMF Systems’ Unique Features

Explore the unique features of our SBS's PEMF therapeutic systems.

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